How To Use News

Some websites will have the News/Blog feature. It will appear on your dashboard as News.


Dashboard News Location


Any post you make under the news tab will appear in the news page on your site. It may look something like this:


News Page Example


To make a new news post click on the news tab and hit add new. This will bring you to a page that looks like this:


Add New News


You then want to hit the backend editor button to access the elements to add to your post. Once you hit the button hit the ‘+’ add elements button. The rest is very similar to creating a page, however there are a few new elements that come along with news posts.


News Add Elements


If you need more clarification on other elements head over to the How To Use Elements page. The three new elements that come with the news tab are Recent News Posts, Author Byline, and Story Lead.


News Elements

Author Byline

When completed, the Author Byline would look something like this:


Author Byline Example


All you have to do is fill out the information and it will appear in the same position.


Author Byline Element

Story Lead

When completed the Story lead would look like this:


Story lead Example


To use it all you have to do is add the element and edit the text.


Story Lead Edit

Recent News Posts

This element can be added to any page and can do exactly what the name suggests. It will display a list of the most recent news posts. Completed, it might look something like this:


Recent News Posts Example


To edit, add the the element and edit the information.


Recent News Post Edit