School of Business

Advising in the School of Business

As a student in the School of Business you will have two advisors to help guide you through your academic requirements and beyond. The undergraduate advisor, Becki Torgerson, and a Faculty Advisor.

Undergraduate Advisor

The School of Business Undergraduate Advisor serves as the official Advisor for all intended and declared Business Administration students. The Undergraduate Advisor will advise students by:

  • Distributing registration access codes
  • Maintain all student files
  • Discuss your progress toward completion of  general education requirements, credit requirements, PLU residency requirements, and major requirements
  • Evaluate transfer credits within the School of Business
  • Coordinate the process of exception requests
  • Process all School of Business majors and minors declarations
  • Assist you in choosing a Faculty Advisor
  • Providing guidance through the course selection process during registration

Appointments with the School of Business Undergraduate Advisor maybe scheduled through the School of Business office on the first floor of the Morken Center or call the receptionist at 253-535-7244.

Registration FAQs

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions about registration.

Faculty Advisor

All business students will also be assigned a Faculty Advisor once they have officially declared their concentration. A Faculty Advisor will help:

  • Choose the most appropriate courses as well as the sequencing of courses to efficiently complete your Business concentration.
  • Assist in considering employment opportunities
  • Sponsor internships
  • Assist in developing your community networking skills
  • Advocate for you
  • Write letters of recommendation for scholarships, graduate school, or employment opportunities

Once you have been assigned a Faculty Advisor, you will receive a letter with their name and contact information. Feel free to contact them as soon as possible to schedule your first meeting. If you would like to change your Faculty Advisor, please see Becki Torgerson in the School of Business to discuss your options.