Faculty Development Webinars

We have created a set of modules designed to help you learn about ways to support, sustain, and enrich you as a faculty member. Whether PLU is a new place for you or if you are seeking ways to better support your work as a faculty member, we hope these modules provide you with some strategies to help you think about, successfully fulfill, and grow in your roles of teaching, scholarship and service. While these modules are designed to be available to all faculty at any stage of their career, we hope this is especially useful to new faculty.

How do the webinars work?

There are 5 modules available. They are designed for you to listen to a recording that includes a PowerPoint presentation. 

While each module is designed to be a stand-alone experience, they are part of a sequence that takes you through the roles of a faculty member.

You can use the modules on your own at your own pace or in a more structured sessions together with other faculty members. 

As you move through the modules, you will see that they are accompanied by worksheets that can help you think about the topics, set goals, and plan your time. There are also some additional relevant and useful resources that are provided.

What is the time commitment?

Each of the recordings is around 10 minutes long. The amount of additional time that you spend on each module will depend upon the time that you put into your worksheet and that you spend in discussion with other colleagues.

Faculty Development Webinars (Video Playlist)

Video playlist of all PLU Faulty Development Webinars: Supporting Faculty Growth and Development
by: Dr. Jill Whitman

*While the videos include links to accompanying documents (worksheets and other), you can find all the resources collected below.

Module Resources and Individual Webinars

PLU Faulty Development Webinars: Supporting Faculty Growth and Development
by: Dr. Jill Whitman

Below you will find the individual module videos along with links to all accompanying materials.

*It is best to access accompanying materials (worksheets and other) using the links below rather than the link(s) indicated in each video.

Questions? Please contact the Office of the Provost at (253)535-7126 or provost@plu.edu.