MSMR Graduate: Courtney & Sarah

Topic: The Theme of Finance: An Analysis of what promotional themes decrease negative stigmas and increase awareness and trust in a non-profit financial setting

Research: The project is a comprehensive report that focuses on research conducted and analyzed for the Tacoma based non-profit organization Sound Outreach. The research provides a holistic view of the organization, the community it serves and the marketplace environment to provide recommendations on how Sound Outreach can reach and serve as many individuals as possible.

Conclusions: The results of the research provide strategic recommendations for an improved business approach that focuses on the importance of relationship building and connecting with clients to be able to increase their customer base.

MSMR Graduate: Nichole & Reynide

Topic: Increasing Enrollment in the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program

Research: PLU introduced their MSMR program in Fall 2015 and would like to increase their enrollment rate. Phase 1 of the research included a three-part qualitative investigation that A) utilized in-depth interviews, B) collected 101 email interviews from PLU and UW students, and C) conducted a focus group with PLU juniors. The phase 2 qualitative piece surveyed 93 respondents in the Business, STEM, and Social Arts/Sciences conducive to running a logistic regression to see which items could predict intent to enroll in graduate school.

Conclusions: The researchers were able to identify how to create more captivating marketing materials and how perceptions of a graduate program can increase recruitment through the consideration of a students’ decision-making process.

MSMR Graduate: Hansel

Topic: What customers think at Starbucks’ drive through lane?

Research: The study explores consumer perception on three primary factors that affect Starbucks’ drive-through experience: accuracy of order, courtesy of staff, and speed of service. The study is a comprehensive marketing research combining qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Conclusions: The research provided three recommendations to management to help improve the store performance. The recommendations informed the client how an improvement of speed, efficiency and customer loyalty can result in a greater customer experience. Based upon framework and findings in the study, future research can explore further relationships between sale opportunity and loyalty and establish a valid prediction model.

MSMR Graduate: Nicole

Topic: Imgur: An Exploration of Virtual Social Sharing Platforms

Research: The research looks at a marketing decision problem regarding how to improve retention rates among existing users at Imgur. The first phase of the research is qualitative and revolves around the question “How do we improve retention rates among existing users?” The researcher aims to answer this question by mentioning possible alternative courses of action that revolve around the four P’s of marketing: price, placement, promotion, and product.

Conclusion: The researcher suggested strategies and features that increase retention and reduce attrition or abandonment. Whether existing users choose to stay with the platform or never return depends largely on the product that Imgur offers and its perceived value to those users.

MSMR Graduate: Bei & Jiewen

Topic: Bite Me Cookies

Research: The research looks to find effective ways to attract PLU students to Bite Me Cookies through the utilization of its partnership with the university. In order to examine students’ preferences and suggest managerial strategies, the researchers considered alternative courses of action from the 4Ps of marketing to help Bite Me resolve the marketing decision problem.

Conclusion: The research offered several recommendations on how Bite Me can attract PLU students’ attention and how to increase sales on campus. The recommendations were related to how to diversify its product design and strategies on offering specific products to attract students. Other recommendations focused on effective promotion targeting PLU students to increase brand awareness, and placement of the product to give the customers a feeling of “fresh and homemade”.