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Support for VHS Videos Playback in Classrooms

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May 14, 2013

by Steve Sosa

For over 25 years and the clear winner of the videotape format wars, VHS tapes have earned their place in history. Now though, VHS tapes are practically given away as DVDs have replaced this aging format.

What this means at PLU is that what was once standard classroom technology is becoming obsolete. As of this spring, we are no longer able to purchase VHS video tape players for classrooms, since they are no longer being manufactured. This does not mean that VCRs on campus are going away, but that as classroom technology gets upgraded, we are no longer including VCRs as standard smart classroom equipment.

If you still have VHS tapes you would like to play in classrooms, you can request a VCR from Instructional Technologies by emailing and we’ll make it available in your classroom on an ad hoc basis. Ultimately though, you will need to take action in order to prepare to future-proof your classroom instruction. If you have classroom related (un-copyrighted) VHS tapes you need to use in the classroom, we can assist with converting them to DVD. For copyrighted content, contact Fran Lane Rasmus (x7141, in Library Services for assistance in researching options for purchasing the film in DVD format.

We look forward to supporting your teaching and use of instructional technologies in the classroom. Also, expect to receive a similar notification in another 25 years when DVDs are replaced with holograms.


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