How long will my audition be?
In-person auditions are typically 30 minutes. (This includes warm-up time, meeting with student ambassadors, conversation with faculty in your area, and the actual audition on stage. You will be on stage for five minutes.) Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, students seeking to begin at PLU in 2021-22 will audition via prerecorded video clips that are uploaded through the scholarship application portal. Suggested music to perform is found here.

Do I need to bring my own accompanist?
PLU will have an accompanist available for your use, but you may bring your own if you wish. There will be no rehearsal time with our accompanist and you need to bring your music with you to your audition. Do not send your music ahead; it will not be returned.

Do I need to apply to PLU to audition?
Yes. You must begin the application process before an audition will be scheduled. However, you do not need to be accepted to PLU before we schedule the audition.

Do I need to be fully admitted to PLU to receive a music scholarship?
Yes. Admission to PLU is required before a scholarship award can be offered.

How does PLU decide who gets offered a scholarship?
Scholarship auditions are competitive. The PLU faculty members judge all auditions. The auditionees are ranked by accomplishment, talent and potential, and department need.

How do I arrange for an audition?
The first step is to complete and submit our Scholarship Application Form.

When will I know the date and time of my audition?
Audition scheduling begins in January after a completed Scholarship Audition Application is received by the Music Department. According to the information that is supplied on the Audition Application, a day and time will be scheduled for you and confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

Which is best – a live audition or a recorded audition?
Everyone makes the strongest impression by auditioning in person. The in-person audition allows you and your family to meet the faculty in your area. It is an opportunity to perform in Lagerquist Concert Hall, ask questions of the faculty, and meet the PLU Student Escorts (all current PLU music students) and; other prospective students from various high schools. It is an exciting and exhilarating experience. If at all possible, it is to your advantage to audition in person. However, we also know that distance and schedule conflicts may preclude you from coming to campus on that weekend. If this is the case, we are happy to receive recorded auditions.

Can I audition in more than one area?
Yes, but here are some facts which may help you decide if you want to do so:
• Music Scholarships are awarded in a single specific area (i.e., voice or cello or percussion). Auditioning in multiple areas does not increase the amount or breadth of your award.
• The area in which an award is given is the area in which you will be required to take private lessons and be in an ensemble to sustain your scholarship. This does not preclude you from taking lessons or performing in other ensembles in different areas.
• If you audition in multiple areas, PLU chooses the area in which the scholarship is awarded. If you plan to accept your scholarship only in one particular area, do not submit multiple auditions. Audition only in your preferred area.
• If you audition in more than one area, only one of the auditions can be in-person; any additional auditions will need to be submitted via recordings. Please put all recorded auditions onto one recording and put the strongest of your recorded auditions first.
• If you are doing one live performance and submitting other recorded auditions; please send your recording ahead before the recording deadline, rather than bringing it with you to your live audition.

How do I submit a recording?
For a recorded audition you may submit a video, or supply a link to YouTube, Video or other website.  Provide a shareable link for material posted on YouTube or other website.

The deadline for receipt of a recorded audition is February 24, 2021.
[NOTE: This date is not the post-mark of your materials. They must be received by the department by this date.]

Material should be sent via e-mail to:

Tabi Looper

Can we make appointments for an audition outside of the scheduled audition dates?
No, it is not possible to schedule scholarship auditions at other times. Decisions about music scholarships are made immediately after scholarship weekend, so it is important to either do a live audition and submit a recording by published deadlines. However, faculty are available to meet you at other times of the year. While scholarship decisions are not made at these appointments, you can often receive a short lesson to get an idea of their teaching style and see our facilities first-hand.

Can I change my appointment time once it is set?
We ask that you try your best to coordinate your audition request with other personal obligations to minimize changes. But we will try to accommodate change requests if necessary, especially if made a week in advance.

What are the requirements for a music scholarship?
Scholarship recipients are required to participate for credit each semester and maintain a grade of B or higher in both an ensemble and private lesson in the performance area of your award. If you do not meet these requirements, the award is cancelled. Exceptions to this policy are made for students in study-away programs and for music education majors during their student-teaching semester.

When should I arrive for my audition?
Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled audition time. Twenty minutes of this time can be spent in a practice room.

Where do I check in?
“Check-In” is in room 206 of the Mary Baker Russell Building. Signs will direct you.

Can my parents watch my audition?
Yes, but only with your consent. After you check in, a student escort will take you to a practice room where you will warm up for approximately 20 minutes. Your parents and/or friends will be escorted to a hospitality room where there will be refreshments and reading materials. Approximately 10 minutes before your audition you will be escorted to the backstage area and your parents will be escorted to Lagerquist Concert Hall. Only the PLU faculty, your parents (with your permission), and your student escort will be in the hall during your audition.

Our goal is to make the audition process as comfortable for you as possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.