Music Artistic Achievement Application 

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Principal Area: Audition Options
Total audition/discussion time is 15 minutes, which includes 5 minutes of performances and 10 minutes of discussion. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled performance time. Perform a selection of your choice - there is no required repertoire. We supply an accompanist, but you may bring your own if you wish. Appointment times will be mailed to you beginning the first week of January.

Note: Only one live audition allowed. 

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Past Study / Experience

Include name of events/ensembles in which you have participated, the type of event/ensemble if the name does not clearly indicate, and the number of years of your participation. Include high school, college, community, church, and regional or national honor events/ensembles. Can be in list form.

Once you click 'submit' the Department of Music will receive this application and you will be notified, by email, of your audition day and time. Scheduling of audition day and times for the January 13th audition will be the second week of December.  Scheduling of audition day and times for the February audition dates begins the second week of January. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Music at 253-535-7603.

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