On the Day of the Jury

1. You do not need to wear your formal performance attire for the jury, but this is an occasion to dress up. Present yourself in a professional manner.

2. Bring a printed copy of your program and translations for each member of the committee (5 total). A Jury Committee member will collect them from you before you enter the stage and distribute them among the committee members.

3. You may choose one piece (movement, song or single work) from your program to begin the jury. Discuss this selection with your studio instructor.

4. Members of the jury committee will choose the rest of the music to be performed during your jury, communicating their selections to you verbally during your presentation. Their selections may include any of the repertoire to be performed, so all personnel involved must be present at the jury.*

5. After your performance a member of the committee may return copies of your program and/or translations with corrections or revisions. Incorporate these changes into the final draft of your program before submission for printing.

6. The result of the jury will be communicated to you by letter from the Department of Music. Comments of the committee members will be made available to you later in writing. You may also receive some verbal comments during the jury about specific issues like placement on the stage, balance, etc.

*If exceptions are to be allowed, they must be agreed to by the Jury Committee members prior to the jury.