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Choir of the West receives high honors in global ranking

Posted by:
October 8, 2015
By Mandi LeCompte
Outreach Manager

The Choir of the West placed 6th in a global ranking of Mixed Collegiate Choirs and overall 25th in Choirs, according to the international organization, Interkultur.

“This is a recognition where Choir of the West represents the university and our country well on the world stage,” says Richard Nance, Choir of the West director. “There are hundreds of choirs in these competitions each year, and clearly, we were considered among the best in 2015.”

The Interkultur rankings are compiled yearly after the results of their many festivals are known. This comes after the Choir of the West won a first place and a gold certificate in the Mixed Choirs and Sacred Music categories in the Anton Bruckner Competition.

“The ranking is certainly an attraction for prospective students to be able to sing in an ensemble of this caliber and participate in these world events,” Nance said. “I just wish we could compete more often!”

Interkultur is responsible for presenting the World Choir Games, which aims to peacefully unify singing people and nations connected by song in a fair competition.