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Brass Music & Book Review!

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Brass Quintet
February 28, 2020

PLU Music was featured twice in the most recent edition of the International Trumpet Guild Journal, an industry publication for trumpet players, teachers, manufactures, and music publishers. With thousands of members in over 60 countries, the Journal is an important resource for anyone interested in the trumpet profession.

The Journal reviewed the Lyric Brass Quintet’s 2018 album, Luther 501, recorded at Trinity Lutheran Church in Parkland, WA. The Lyric Brass Quintet is the resident faculty brass ensemble at PLU. Its members teach private lessons at PLU and are all active solo, chamber, and orchestral performers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The players enjoy performing a wide range of repertoire from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century, including several works that have been commissioned for them. The members of the Lyric Brass get along surprisingly well with each other given the potentially volatile combination of Red Sox, Yankees, and Mariners fans.

Luther 501 Review Highlights:

“The ensemble’s performance is thoughtful with careful balance between principal themes and countersubjects and excellent intonation throughout.”

“Moments of beautiful homophony are contrasted with pointed statements from individual players. The tumultuous scene in Præambulum, Storm and Vow is particularly symbolic, and the ensemble vividly depicts a storm with sharp articulations, dissonant harmonies, and angular passages.”

“Rapid passages from the trumpets are sparkling clear and emerge gracefully from the overall texture.”

Read entire review.

Dr. Zachary LymanThe Journal also reviewed the second edition of Dr. Zachary Lyman‘s workbook, Practical Daily Warmups for Trumpet, published by Keveli Music. Dr. Lyman wrote the book to help players develop a customized warm up that is flexible depending on a player’s strengths and weaknesses, daily playing demands, schedule, and other factors. The exercises and patterns in the book help build a varied routine that works for the individual to continually attack areas needing improvement.

Review Highlights:

The book “is a well-constructed document that will challenge and motivate intermediate and advanced trumpet players by offering them a detailed set of exercises and concepts. High school, college, and professional players should seek out this book and incorporate these exercises into their warm-up routines.”

Read entire review.

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