Uniform Policy

While in clinical agencies and throughout clinical rotations, students are representing PLU and the nursing profession and must wear the PLU uniform. A professional appearance is imperative. The PLU uniform may be used in the clinical agencies only when a student is on official school business as assigned by the faculty. Failure to comply with the uniform policy will result in dismissal for that clinical day.

Pre- Licensure Uniform: For Pre-Licensure ELMSN students, the PLU uniform consists of gray scrub pants, scrub top, and optional white lab coat. A scrub dress is also acceptable, with scrub pants underneath. The scrub top is embroidered with the PLU logo. A short white lab coat may be required by individual faculty. Shoes shall be all-white, closed-toed, impermeable athletic or nursing shoes. Students may wear an all-white, close-fitting, non-textured, short-sleeved or ¾ length sleeve tee-shirt under the scrub top. The scrub uniform and embroidery must be purchased at the PLU SoN’s vendor of choice.

Post-Licensure, MSN & DNP Students: The gray scrub uniform is not required for post-licensure, MSN and DNP clinical rotations. Students will wear short white lab coat an PLU Student ID Badge over appropriate professional (business/business casual) attire. Students have the option to embroider the lab coat with the PLU logo via the SoN’s vendor of choice. All students will wear closed toe shoes.

Individual instructors will provide specific information concerning appropriate attire for their clinical rotation, according to PLU and clinical agency expectations. Students must follow the uniform guidelines described by instructors.