All nursing examinations must be taken at the designated time and place. Students must notify the instructor prior to the exam if an emergency occurs which prevents them from taking the exam. In addition, the student is responsible to follow up by contacting the instructor (within 24 hours of the missed exam) to ensure arrangements for a make-up exam. The time of the make-up exam, if permitted, will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Students enrolled in non-nursing courses with final examinations that conflict with their nursing examinations may seek permission to take the nursing examination during the designated make-up examination date and time. However, the student may be required to validate the conflict with supporting evidence.

Anyone discovered to be in any way dishonest during an exam will be held to the policies and procedures surrounding academic integrity. Please refer to Violations of Academic Integrity in the School of Nursing Handbook as well as the university’s academic dishonesty policy.