Personal working hours recommendation

The School of Nursing recognizes that many students must maintain employment outside of their academic obligations. The School of Nursing also recognizes that working over 12 hours (class, lab, clinical, and personal work hours) in a 24-hour period poses patient safety, personal health, and academic risks. Students should be mindful of these risks and manage their time accordingly. It should be noted that the SoN’s recommendation for pre-licensure Entry-Level MSN students is not to work during that rigorous portion of the program. During the MSN portion, it is recommended to begin working as a RN no more than 0.5 FTE.

The DNP program is equally rigorous and requires clinical hours each semester. It is recommended students work no more than .5FTE during the last two years of the program. Many students will drop to per-diem to allow sufficient time to focus on Clinical and DNP project requirements.