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International Wire in US Funds Request

Expense Advance Authorization (doc)
NON-Travel Advance.
Lost or Unavailable Receipt Form (xls)
This form is to be used in the case that you have lost the original receipt, or did not receive one.  Take note that a lost meal receipt needs to have additional information regarding those in attendance and what was ordered.
Payment Request Form (pdf)
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Use this form to have a check made out to a vendor when no invoice is involved (i.e. membership, conference registration, subscription renewal, etc.), or for reimbursement.  If you have travel expenses, this form is for use ONLY for local travel - if there is NO overnight stay involved.  If your travel involves an overnight stay, you must use the Travel Expense Voucher.
Purchase Card Application with Agreement - Bank of America (pdf) (pdf)
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To apply for a university Purchase Card the application and user agreement must be filled out with the appropriate signatures. Send the original form with original signatures to the Business Office.
Pre-Travel Authorization Form (xls)
Use this form for authorization before you travel.  You may also request reimbursement before the trip for airfare or meals ONLY.  Any other items (i.e. lodging, registration, etc.) will be reimbursed AFTER the trip.
Receipt Reconciliation Extended Travel (xlsx)
This form is for longer trips of two weeks or more. It is to be used in conjunction with the Travel Expense Voucher.