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5 Marketing Analytics Jobs for Data-Driven Innovators

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September 15, 2021

Today, we have seen such dramatic increases in the sheer volume of data produced by individuals and organizations that news reports describe the phenomenon as a “data explosion.”

Our data explosion has created a new set of challenges. For many organizations, it’s like having the secret to success spelled out in front of you — but in a foreign language that no one at your company speaks fluently.

In other words, data is meaningless unless you can identify what’s important, find patterns and turn analysis into concrete suggestions for how to react and adapt. This is especially true in the field of marketing analytics where companies need to understand what their target audience needs and how their performance stacks up against the competition.

Let’s talk about a few jobs that are perfect for professionals who obtain a master’s in marketing analytics.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers, also known as advertising or promotions managers, are tasked with using strategic thinking and analytics skills to plan marketing campaigns that generate interest for a product and/or service.

Median Salary, $141,000 | Job Growth, 6%

2. Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are responsible for using mathematics and statistics to identify, analyze and address complex organizational issues.

Median Salary, $86,000 | Job Growth, 25%

3. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts study the conditions of the market in order to examine potential sales of a product and/or service.

Median Salary, $65,000 | Job Growth, 18%

4. Brand Manager

Brand managers work in tandem with marketing managers and analysts to develop and refine marketing campaigns and make sure that they reach their goals.

Median Salary, $71,000 | Job Growth, 7%

5. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts (or systems architects) analyze an organization’s computer and software systems in order to update existing systems or develop new solutions to help an organization operate more efficiently.

Median Salary, $93,000 | Job Growth, 7%


More Jobs You Can Get With a Master's in Marketing Analytics

The “data explosion” we’re facing today has increased the need for analysts of all kinds and in all types of industries.

Consulting, research, data modeling, consumer insights, public relations, management, communications — these are all possible fields for someone with skill and experience in marketing analytics.

Here are a few more potential jobs you can get with a Master’s in Marketing Analytics.

Digital Marketing SpecialistMarketing Specialist
Creative Director
Big Data Analyst
Director of Marketing StrategyTechnical Recruiter
Content Strategist
Marketing Scientist
Consumer Insights Specialist
Database Manager
Economic Analyst
Account Executive

Thinking about getting a master’s in marketing analytics? Connect with PLU!

Are you someone who has dabbled in a variety of roles at a number of organizations, but wants to establish a clear and valuable skill set? Or are you someone who loves their current workplace, but sees a need for more strategic, data-driven decision making and wants to fill the need? Or maybe you’re looking for a brand new career that offers you more money and more room to grow?

All of these are good reasons to consider a master’s in marketing analytics. Getting a master’s degree in marketing analytics allows you to build skills that you can tailor toward roles in consulting, marketing, communications, content creation, research or data modeling. A strong degree program will serve as a springboard, allowing you to launch in the direction of a subspecialty that suits your skills and interests.

If you are ready to transform your future by achieving a master’s in marketing analytics, we encourage you to fill out a request for information form, sign up for an online info session,  or schedule a phone appointment to speak with the Program Director, Juanita Reed.

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