Courses that Fulfill General Education Program Elements (GenEd)

Abbreviations denote those courses which fulfill the General Education Program Elements (GenEd).

  1. The PLU Core
    • FYEP 101 (FW)
    • FYEP 102 (FD)
    • The Academic Study of Religion (RL)
    • Fitness and Wellness (FT)
    • Global Engagement (GE)
  2. The Distributive Core: Ways of Being and Knowing
    • Creative Expression (CX)
    • Engaging the Natural World (NW)
    • Interpreting Text (IT)
    • Examining Self and Society (ES)
    • Exploring Values and Worldviews (VW)
    • Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
  3. Integrative Learning
    • Culminating Experience (SR)
  4. International Honors Program
    • International Honors 100-Level (H1)
    • International Honors 200-Level (H2)
    • International Honors 300-Level (H3)