Billing and Payments

Rights and Responsibilities

The student and their parent(s) or legal guardian (if the student is under 18 years of age) are required to complete and submit a Student Financial Agreement to the University each academic year, prior to registration for the first term the student will be enrolled for that academic year. 

It is the student’s responsibility to see that all financial aid accepted on the Offer of Financial Aid is credited to their student account. Financial aid includes but is not limited to loan applications, verification forms, entrance counseling, etc. All financial aid and other resources must be applied to your student account by September 1 for Fall Semester, January 1 for both J-term and Spring Semester registration and February 1 for Spring Semester registration only.

Payment Information

Students may choose to make student account payments at the following website under “Payments”:

Billing Questions

Questions regarding the student bill should be directed to The Office of Financial Services. If you believe an error has occurred, the University must be contacted in writing within 60 days of the statement date of the first bill on which the error appeared. After 60 days it is presumed that there were no errors and the billing was correct.

Graduation and Your Student Account

All students who have applied to graduate must have their student account paid in full before they can be cleared for graduation. Students with an owing balance are required to contact the Office of Financial Services for assistance. Diplomas will not be released until the student account is paid in full.

Enrollment Deposit

A $200 enrollment deposit is required of new undergraduate students to confirm their offer of admission. The payment is refundable until May 1 for Fall Semester, December 1 for the January Term, and January 1 for Spring Semester. Requests for a refund must be made in writing to the Admission Office.

Returning students wanting to reserve a room for the following year must sign a Master Housing & Meal Agreement. Cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Residential Life Office. Traditional hall housing cancellations received before June 1 will not be subject to a penalty. Cancellations received between June 1 and June 30 will be subject to a $200 penalty charge. Cancellations received after July 1 will be subject to a $400 penalty charge. South Hall penalty dates and rates differ, see Residential Life for details at

Credit Balances

If a credit balance occurs on a student account, the University calculates and issues refunds according to pertinent federal, state, banking and University regulations. Title IV, HEA program funds are refunded according to the Code of Federal Regulations 34 CFR Ch. VI Section 668.164. Bank card payments are refunded, to the extent of the original payment(s), back to the bank card that made the original payment(s). All other refunds will be issued via check or ACH. Refund requests are processed by the Student Financial Services Office.

Student Holds

There are 34 types of holds that are placed on student accounts and records for different circumstances. Each hold prevents basic University privileges, such as, but not limited to the right to register, add/drop classes, cash checks or receive copies of unofficial/official transcripts or a diploma. Listed below are the types of holds that are placed on accounts and the offices to contact regarding them.

   Code         Type of Hold            Responsible Office
   AD      Admission            Admission
   AH      Academic            Registrar
   AS      Academic            Academic Advising
   CB      Credit Balance            Student Financial Services
   CH      Collection            Accounts Receivable
   CP      Collection Paid            Accounts Receivable
   CW      Collection Write Off            Accounts Receivable
   ED      Education            School of Education
   EH      Exit Interview            Student Loans
   EP      Expulsion            Student Conduct
   FH      Financial            Student Financial Services
   HR      Housing Restriction Hold            Student Conduct
   IH      International            International Student Services
   JR      Undeclared Major Hold            Registrar
   MH      Medical            Health Services
   MP      Monthly Payment Hold            Accounts Receivable
   MW      Medical Withdrawal            Student Life
   NA      No Address            Registrar
   NS      NSF Check Hold            Accounts Receivable
   OP      Out of School Promissory Note            Accounts Receivable
   OS      Overdue Sanction            Student Conduct
   PC      Pre-collection            Accounts Receivable
   PG      Parent/Legal Guardian            Student Financial Services
   PL      Collection Perkins Loan            Student Loans
   PN      Restricted from Campus            Campus Safety
   PO      Payment Option            Student Financial Services
   PR      Academic Probation            Academic Advising
   RH      Residential Life            Residential Life
   SA      Study Away            Wang Center
   SH      Student Conduct Hold            Student Conduct
   SU      Suspension            Student Conduct
   SS      No SSN on File            Accounts Receivable
   TR      Transcript            Registrar
   VA      Veteran’s            Student Financial Services
   WO      Write-Off            Accounts Receivable

Academic Hold

The Office of the Registrar can place an account on academic hold. Registration for classes is precluded until any pending matter with the office is settled.

Collection Hold

The collections holds will permanently remain on a student account. Any student wishing to return to the University must pay in full all of their estimated charges prior to registration. Clearance to return to the University is issued by the Student Accounts area in the Office of Financial Services.

Credit Balance Hold

Any student with a credit balance on their student account who is not registered for a future term or is listed as a graduating senior will be placed on a Credit Balance Hold. The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 63.29 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act requires the University to forward all unclaimed student account balances to the Washington State Department of Revenue unless the student requests a refund or donates their credit balance to the University.

Financial Hold

If a student account is past due, a financial hold will be placed. If tuition and fees charged to a student’s account after August 25th for Fall Semester and January 25th for J-term and Spring Semester are not paid immediately, a financial hold will be placed. If a student withdraws with an owing balance, a financial hold will be placed.

Medical Hold

A medical hold prevents a student from registering if Health Services has not received the Student Immunization History form or if the student does not have the necessary immunizations.

No Address Hold

All students are required to keep a current permanent address with the University. If mail becomes undeliverable, an address hold will be placed.

Non-Sufficient Funds Hold

Any student who has written two non-sufficient funds checks or has had checks returned for other reasons will be permanently placed on a Non-Sufficient Funds Hold. Any student with this hold is prohibited from writing checks to any University department.

Student Financial Agreement Hold

All students are required to electronically sign a Student Financial Agreement and select a payment option for each academic year they attend.

Pre-Collection Hold

Any student with a delinquent student account balance who is not registered will be placed on a Pre-Collection Hold and assessed a $25.00 pre-collection fee.