Theological Studies

Students intending to attend seminary should complete the requirements for the bachelor of arts degree. Besides the general degree requirements, the Association of Theological Schools recommends the following:

  • English: literature, composition, speech, and related studies; at least six semester-long courses.
  • History: ancient, modern European, and American; at least three semester-long courses.
  • Philosophy: orientation in history, content, and methods; at least three semester-long courses.
  • Natural Sciences: preferably physics, chemistry, and biology; at least two semester-long courses.
  • Social Sciences: psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and education. At least six semesters, including at least one semester of psychology.
  • Foreign Languages – one or more of the following: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, French. Students who anticipate post- graduate studies are urged to undertake these disciplines as early as possible (at least four semesters).
  • Religion: a thorough knowledge of Biblical content together with an introduction to major religious traditions and theological problems in the context of the principal aspects of human culture as outlined above. At least three semester- long courses. Students may well seek counsel from the seminary of their choice.

Of the possible majors, English, philosophy, religion and the social sciences are regarded as the most desirable. Other areas are, however, accepted.

A faculty advisor will assist students in the selection of courses necessary to meet the requirements of the theological school of their choice. Consult the chair of the Department of Religion for further information.