Housing Charges, Fees, and Discounts

Room and Meals

All full-time (12 semester hours) undergraduate students must live on campus in university housing unless they are: (a) living with their parent, spouse or child within 25 driving miles of PLU’s address (notarized/certified documentation required), or (b) at least 20 years old or have completed 60 semester credit hours by September 1 (for the next Fall Semester) or February 1 (for the next Spring Semester). Except for residents of South Hall, all students with an active housing assignment are required to be enrolled in a university meal plan during the academic year.  This academic year’s rates are shown below and available on the Residential Life website: www.plu.edu/residential-life/

Housing Rates


Although there is no J-Term charge for students residing on campus for Fall or Spring Semesters, students must cancel their J-Term housing if they are residing on campus for less than seven days during J-Term. Students with an active housing contract for J-Term must have a meal plan. For J-Term room costs only, contact the Office of Residential Life. South Hall is an alternative residential option with various apartment sizes, styles and costs. Contact the Office of Residential Life for information and applications. Limited housing is available on a daily fee basis during Winter Break. Students may remain in their rooms during Spring Break. Applications for single rooms and other special housing requests should be addressed to the Office of Residential Life at 253.535.7200 or emailed to rlif@plu.edu.

Residence Halls


Summer Housing


Independent, private, flexible-length housing is offered by Conference Services on a limited basis during the summer. Discounts apply for long-term stays. Meal plans are optional. Undergraduate and graduate students, newly graduated in transition, interns or students working on or off campus, and researcher and their significant others are eligible.

Living Off Campus


Residential Life Policies


Meal Plans

With the exception of Stuen and South Hall residents, students with an active housing assignment must enroll in one of the following four meal plans: A, B, C or D. Stuen residents must enroll in one of the following five plans: A, B, C, D or E. South Hall residents and commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are encouraged to purchase Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are not subject to sales tax and are available for purchase in any increment.  

Find descriptions for all meal plans and information about purchasing Dining Dollars at: https://www.plu.edu/dining/meal-descriptions/