Liberal Studies, College of

Patricia Bixel, Ph.D., Interim Dean

Degrees Offered

The College of Liberal Studies educates students to engage critically and creatively with what it means to be human and how humans form communities across diverse cultural contexts, time periods, and environments. Disciplines within the College are foundational to the Liberal Arts, our Core Curriculum, and interdisciplinary programs that reach across the University.

Our majors prepare students for careers grounded in their fields and for wide-ranging graduate study.  All of our programs include the essential tools of a liberal arts education: critical thinking, collaborative learning, strategic problem solving, and the ability to thoughtfully and creatively make connections.

Our students work closely alongside faculty in discussion, research, and reflection, as we support and honor students as whole people, in a complex world.

The College of Liberal Studies offers B.A. degrees in most of the programs in our college, as well as minors, core courses that fulfill Core Curriculum elements, and a MFA in Creative Writing through our Rainier Writer’s Workshop.

Descriptions of specific course offerings and degree requirements offered within the College of Liberal Studies are listed under their respective departmental pages below.