Elementary Certification and Endorsement Options

The basic undergraduate elementary education (K-8) program consists of a four-term program starting in the Fall Semester only. Candidates earn an endorsement in Elementary Education and an additional endorsement in either: Reading, Special Education (SPED), or English Language Learners (ELL).

Elementary Professional Education Sequence

MATH 123, PSYC 101, and FYEP 101 must be taken prior to entrance to the program with a letter grade of C or better. MATH 124 is recommended to be taken prior to entrance and must be completed before the end of Semester II. Candidates are strongly encouraged to complete KINS 322, a life science and a physical science prior to program entrance. These courses, plus MUSI 341, must be completed prior to program completion.

Candidates pursuing a residency teaching certificate and an elementary K-8 endorsement must also complete a second endorsement through the completion of additional coursework, passing the WEST-E or NES, and completing student teaching. All exams (WEST-E or NES) must be completed prior to student teaching. The number of endorsements that can be pursued in the B.A.E. certification is two.