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Getting to Know the Alumni – Nichole Clifford

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October 4, 2017

Nicki Clifford, class of 2017 MSMR grad, gives advice to current MSMR students and emphasizes the importance of working with organizations that you believe in.

Why PLU’s MSMR Program?

The MSMR Program at PLU has catalyzed my growth as an academic and a professional. The program encouraged the development of a strategic mindset that has been beneficial when countering managerial problems with a critical approach. The MSMR program’s rigorous framework provided me with both a traditional marketing perspective and a modernized view of the role of technology in the corporate landscape. This program will foster an interest in research and problem solving as well as prepare one for an exhilarant career.

What was your favorite project you completed while in the MSMR program?

My favorite project in the MSMR program was working with a local nonprofit financial empowerment program. My group’s topic was non-profit ad perceptions and we were able to uncover compelling evidence that helped the organization streamline their promotional materials. The reason why I admire this project is because nonprofits naturally have to be selective of where they allocate their resources and an established marketing consultant could have depleted funds that the organization use to support local communities.  As a student marketing research consultant, it was immensely rewarding to advise an organization both that I believe in, and that equally believed that students could be trusted to resolve the problems they faced.

``This program will foster an interest in research and problem solving as well as prepare one for an exhilarant career.``

What advice do you have for current MSMR Candidates?

I would advise current MSMR candidates to be open to new areas of interest. I know that when I went into the program, I had a desired job title and company already solidified in my head. Halfway through the program, I had changed my mind, and by the end of the program, I had changed my mind again. I would urge MSMR candidates to be flexible when it comes to choosing clients, industries, and research methods. If one only works towards their original goal, they may miss out on opportunities that they could excel at.