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News in Alumni

Going for a Grammy

Micah Haven '09 is in his fifth year as band director at Meeker Middle School in Tacoma. (Photo: Tacoma School District)

When you think Grammys, you might think Béyoncé and Macklemore—but you might not think Lute. It might be time to rethink the Grammys. Micah Haven, a 2009 Music Education graduate

Pursuing the Dream

After applying as a cellist for the Broadway musical Spring Awakening, just for fun, Justin Huertas '09 found himself on a national tour and is working on turning the experience into his own show. (Photo by Kristina R. Corbitt)

By Leah Traxel ’14 Justin Huertas ’09 was ready to “break up” with acting and playing the cello to pursue a steadier paycheck, when fate stepped in. Huertas, who has