Web Services

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User Services provides technical support and assistance with a variety of Web-based applications and technologies.

Google Sites

Student clubs and organizations, as well as individual students, faculty, and staff may use Google Sites to create their own Web sites and/or digital portfolios.  We offer workshops covering the basics of Google Sites, and we are also able to coordinate more personalized training opportunities ad hoc.

PLU Search and Directory

We are able to coordinate the addition, modification, or removal of listings in the online Search and Directory.

Web Site Migration and Archival

Need to move your Web site from one place to another, or save a copy for your personal records?  Allow us to consult with you, and identify and implement the best solution for your specific needs.

URL Redirects

If your Web site has moved, we can install a redirect on our Web server, so that visitors to your old URL will still arrive at your Web site.