2016 Department of Philosophy Events

The Department of Philosophy has had an active event schedule this year. These events have spanned a wide range of philosophically interesting themes and socially relevant issues. Here are some highlights:

In October, Eric Ruthford (PLU ’01) and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Paul Menzel held a panel discussion titled “Determining the Value of Life” about beginning of life and end of life decision making.

In February, the department hosted the 3rd Food Symposium, “Food and the Environment.” This symposium began with a keynote lecture, co-sponsored with the Wang Symposium, by Dr. Vandana Shiva, and ended with keynote by Valerie Segrest, Community Nutritionist and Project Coordinator for the Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Project. The symposium also featured a series of panel discussions and a PLU Center for Engagement and Service sponsored food tour of Tacoma.

In March, Dr. Hege Finholt, a Norwegian political philosopher from the University of Olso, gave the Scandinavian Area Studies sponsored Harstad Lecture on the topic of national identities. Also that month, the Philosophy Department hosted a lecture by Dr. Gail Presby on the work of Wangari Maathai.

In April, PLU philosophy and natural science faculty joined forces and wits for their 4th annual panel discussion, this time on the topic of “Which Questions Matter?”

"Determining the Value of Life"

“Determining the Value of Life”

Eric Rutherford at the Biomedical Ethics Panel in October, 2015