Prism 2022 - A Publication of the Division of Humanities

Reflecting on the Humanities

The Pragmatism of the Liberal Arts
Indigenizing the Academy
Academic Animals: Making Nonhuman Creatures Matter in Universities
The Contemplation of the Humanities
Ebenezer Scrooge, Martin Luther, and the Power of the Past and of Language
Locating Humanities in the 21st Century

Teaching in the Humanities

Gendered Tongues: Issues of Gender in the Foreign Language Classroom
Being a Scholar-Teacher and a Teacher-Scholar
Gaps and Gifts
Healing Vocations: Studying Religion and Healing at PLU
The Two Desks
Expanding the Mind in German Studies

Scholarship in the Humanities

Should History Tell a Story?
Wanted: Fellow Conspirators
Cutting Medicine Down to Size
Lost and Found in Translation
Reappraising the Rift Between Faith and Reason: Could Science Help Us Think About Religion?
Sustainability in Monastic Communities