Welcome to the PLU Interactive Equivalency Guide. With this tool you can explore how classes from other colleges and universities transfer to PLU. Whether you’re thinking about applying to PLU or you’re a current student, this guide can help you plan for meeting General Education elements and specific major or minor requirements.

We’re frequently adding new schools and classes, so be sure to check back if what you’re looking for is not here. It doesn’t mean a particular class can’t be transferred. You can also reference our list of equivalency guides for Washington community and technical colleges not yet featured in this guide.

Are you a future transfer student with questions about your courses and how they transfer to PLU? Please contact your Transfer Admission Counselor for more information. This guide is meant as a reference to help you in your planning. If you’d like an official evaluation of transferable credit, you’re encouraged to fill out a free online application to PLU.

Current PLU students, please contact the Registrar’s Office or your academic advisor if you have questions about transfer credit. In addition to transfer credit equivalencies, currents students can use this tool to determine PLU semester Study Away equivalencies. In the case of Study Away, the credit granted is PLU residential credit. Refer to the Study Away policies through the Wang Center for Global Education for detailed information regarding credits and grading.

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Gateway: Telemark // Pacific Lutheran University
Course Title Credits Course Title Credits GenEd
Alpine Biodiversity & Climate 10 BIOL 350SA Alpine Biodiversity & Climate 5.33
ENVT 450SA Alpine Biodiversity & Climate 5.33
Alpine Ecology 10 BIOL 350SA Alpine Ecology 5.33
ENVT 450SA Alpine Ecology 5.33
Ecological Methods 10 BIOL 350SA Ecological Methods 5.33
Business, Innovation, Diversty 7.5 BUSA 350SA Business, Innovation, Diversty 4
The Entrepreneur & Society 7.5 BUSA 358SA Entrepreneurship 4
The Int'l Business Environment 7.5 BUSA 352SA Global Management 4
International Marketing 15 BUSA 460SA International Marketing 8
BUSA 308SA Principles of Marketing 8
Sustainability Management 7.5 BUSA 350SA Sustainability Management 4
The Nordic Model 7.5 SCAN 322SA The Nordic Model Variable
Phys Activity & Life Mgmt 15 KINS 324SA Lifespan Physical Act & Health 4
KINS 350SA Phys Activity & Life Mgmt 4
KINS 386SA Social Psyc of Phys Activity 4
KINS 350SA Phys Activity & Life Mgmt 4
Phys Ed: Health & Project Devl 15 KINS 384SA Health & Fitness Promotion 4
KINS 350SA Phys Ed: Health & Project Devl 4
KINS 360SA Practicum 4
KINS 350SA Phys Ed: Health & Project Devl 4
Mts/Forest, Coast/Waterways 15 KINS 250SA Mts/Forest, Coast/Waterways 4
PHED 250SA Kayaking 1 PE
PHED 250SA Canoeing 1 PE
PHED 173SA Mountaineering PE 1 PE
PHED 250SA Orienteering 1 PE
KINS 350SA Outdoor: Theoretical Found 4
Norw Persp on Outdoor Educ 7.5 KINS 350SA Norw Persp on Outdoor Educ 4
N&T: Regional Identity 7.5 SCAN 250SA N&T: Regional Identity 4
NORW 250SA N&T: Regional Identity 4
N&T: Soc & Cultural Expression 7.5 SCAN 250SA N&T: Soc & Cultural Expression 4
NORW 250SA N&T: Soc & Cultural Expression 4
Norwegian Language level 1 10 NORW 101SA Elementary Norwegian 5.33 AS2A AS3A
NORW 102SA Elementary Norwegian 5.33 AS2B
Norwegian Language level 2 10 NORW 201SA Intermediate Norwegian 5.33 AS1A AS2B AS3A C
NORW 202SA Intermediate Norwegian 5.33 AS1B C
Norwegian Language level 3 10 NORW 350SA Advanced Norwegian 5.33 AS1B C
NORW 301SA Conversation & Composition 5.33 C
Ecophilosophy 7.5 SCAN 250SA Ecophilosophy 4
ENVT 250SA Ecophilosophy 4
Folklore & Folk Culture 7.5 SCAN 241SA Scandinavian Folklore 4 LT
Scandinavian Film & Fiction 7.5 SCAN 341SA Scandinavian Film & Fiction 4 LT
ENGL 350SA Scandinavian Film & Fiction 4 LT
Norwegian Persp on Outdoor Ed 7.5 SCAN 250SA Norwegian Persp on Outdoor Ed 4 PE
ENVT 250SA Norwegian Persp on Outdoor Ed 4 PE
PHED 250SA Norwegian Persp on Outdoor Ed 4 PE
NORW 287SA Norwegian Persp on Outdoor Ed 4
Sustainable Tourism 10 ENVT 450SA Sustainable Tourism 5.33