Welcome to the PLU Interactive Equivalency Guide. With this tool you can explore how classes from other colleges and universities transfer to PLU. Whether you’re thinking about applying to PLU or you’re a current student, this guide can help you plan for meeting General Education elements and specific major or minor requirements.

We’re frequently adding new schools and classes, so be sure to check back if what you’re looking for is not here. It doesn’t mean a particular class can’t be transferred. You can also reference our list of equivalency guides for Washington community and technical colleges not yet featured in this guide.

Are you a future transfer student with questions about your courses and how they transfer to PLU? Please contact your Transfer Admission Counselor for more information. This guide is meant as a reference to help you in your planning. If you’d like an official evaluation of transferable credit, you’re encouraged to fill out a free online application to PLU.

Current PLU students, please contact the Registrar’s Office or your academic advisor if you have questions about transfer credit. In addition to transfer credit equivalencies, currents students can use this tool to determine PLU semester Study Away equivalencies. In the case of Study Away, the credit granted is PLU residential credit. Refer to the Study Away policies through the Wang Center for Global Education for detailed information regarding credits and grading.

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Gateway: Trinidad & Tobago // Pacific Lutheran University
Course Title Credits Course Title Credits GenEd
Intro to Financial Accounting 3 BUSA 202SA Financial Accounting 3
Intro to Cost & Mngr Acctng 3 BUSA 203SA Managerial Accounting 3
Financial Accounting I 3 BUSA 250SA Financial Accounting I 3
Financial Accounting II 3 BUSA 250SA Financial Accounting II 3
Management Accounting II 3 BUSA 350SA Management Accounting II 3
Accounting Theory 3 BUSA 350SA Accounting Theory 3
Introductory Genetics 3 BIOL 330SA Introductory Genetics 3
Physiology of Plants 3 BIOL 350SA Physiology of Plants 3
Tropical Forest Ecology/Use 3 BIOL 350SA Tropical Forest Ecology/Use 3
History, Development, Meaning 3 THEA 250SA History, Development, Meaning 3 AR
Trinidad Calypso 3 THEA 350SA Trinidad Calypso 3
Intercultural Communication 3 COMA 304SA Intercultural Communication 3 C
Princ of Mass Communication 3 COMA 120SA Media in the World 3 AR
Living & Learning in T&T 4 COOP 350SA Living & Learning in T&T 4
Caribbean Short Stories 4 ENGL 216 Caribbean Short Stories 4 C LT
Introduction to Photography 3 ARTD 220SA Introduction to Photography 3 AR
French 1B 2 FREN 202SA Intermediate French 2 AS1B C
Princ of Public Int'l Law 3 POLS 350SA Princ of Public Int'l Law 3
Comparative Ethnic Politics 3 GLST 350SA Comparative Ethnic Politics 3
African Civ from AD 1000-1800 3 HIST 350SA African Civ from AD 1000-1800 3
Caribbean Culture & Society 4 HIST 350SA Caribbean Culture & Society 4 C H2 LT SO
ENGL 350SA Caribbean Culture & Society 4 C H2 LT SO
Intro to Poetry 3 ENGL 214SA Intro Major Literary Genres 3 LT
African Lit II: Drama & Poetry 3 ENGL 350SA African Lit II: Drama & Poetry 3
Caribbean Women Writers 3 ENGL 350SA Caribbean Women Writers 3 LT
Intro to West Indian Poetry 3 ENGL 350SA Intro to West Indian Poetry 3 LT
Creative Writing Prose Fiction 3 ENGL 227SA Intro to Poetry & Fiction 3 WR
Post-Colonial & Medieval Lit 3 ENGL 350SA Post-Colonial & Medieval Lit 3
Linear Algebra 4 MATH 331SA Linear Algebra 4 NS
Intro to Management 3 BUSA 150SA Intro to Management 3
Management Info Systems I 3 BUSA 310SA Info Systems & Database Mgmt 3
Organisational Behaviour 3 BUSA 305SA Behavior in Organizations 3
Caribbean Business Envt 3 BUSA 250SA Caribbean Business Envt 3
Financial Management I 3 BUSA 302SA Business Finance 3
Fiscal Mgmt in Sport 3 BUSA 250SA Fiscal Mgmt in Sport 3
Human Resource Development 3 BUSA 350SA Human Resource Development 3
Business Strategy & Policy 3 BUSA 350SA Business Strategy & Policy 3
Entrepreneurial Studies 3 BUSA 358SA Entrepreneurship 3
Ethics in Business 3 BUSA 350SA Ethics in Business 3
Intl Business Management 3 BUSA 352SA Global Management 3
Investment & Analysis 3 BUSA 335SA Investments & Portfolio Mgmt 3
International Financial Mgmt 3 BUSA 337SA Intl Finance & Risk Mgmnt 3
Applied Topics in Corp Finance 3 BUSA 350SA Applied Topics in Corp Finance 3
Compensation Mgmt 3 BUSA 350SA Compensation Mgmt 3
Derivative Markets 3 BUSA 350SA Derivative Markets 3
Principles of Marketing 3 BUSA 308SA Principles of Marketing 3
International Marketing Mgmt 3 BUSA 460SA International Marketing Mgmt 3
Marketing Planning 3 BUSA 350SA Marketing Planning 3
Intro to World Music 3 MUSI 250SA Intro to World Music 3 AR
Pan Theory & Practice, Part 1 3 MUSI 250SA Pan Theory & Practice, Part 1 3 AR
Steelpan Hist & Development 3 MUSI 250SA Steelpan Hist & Development 3 AR
Carnival Performance 1 PHED 250SA Carnival Performance 1 PE
Intro to Social Psychology 3 PSYC 330SA Social Psychology 3
Abnormal & Clinical Psychology 3 PSYC 415SA Abnormal Psychology 3
PSYC 350SA Abnormal & Clinical Psychology 3
Physiological Psychology 3 PSYC 440SA Human Neuropsychology 3
Cognitive Psychology 3 PSYC 448SA Cognitive Psychology 3
Abnormal Psychology 3 PSYC 250SA Abnormal Psychology 3
Advanced Topics in Personality 3 PSYC 310SA Personality Theories 3
Community & Environmental Psyc 3 PSYC 345SA Community Psychology 3
Motivations & Emotions 3 PSYC 350SA Motivations & Emotions 3
Theory & Practice Social Work 3 SOCW 101SA Intro to Social Work 3 A SO
Western Theatre History 3 THEA 360SA Theatre History I 3
Caribbean Drama 3 THEA 287SA Caribbean Drama 3 AR
Intro to New Testament Lit 3 RELI 250SA Intro to New Testament Lit 3 RC
Foundations Systemic Theology 3 RELI 361SA Foundations Systemic Theology 3
Carnival & Cultural Spectacle 2 ARTD 350SA Carnival & Cultural Spectacle 2 AR
Hist of Design & Architecture 3 ARTD 350SA Hist of Design & Architecture 3 AR
Ceramics: Mold-Making, Slip Ca 3 ARTD 230SA Ceramics: Mold-Making, Slip Ca 3